Chapter Announcement

The SPWLA Austin chapter is open for any suggestion or comment to advance. In particular, an online training program is aimed to help young students and professionals to access petrophysical and well logging courses or presentations. We hope that this program will alleviate the gap between the freshmen/women in petrophysics and well logging and the looked-for capabilities for an entry level professional. For this reason, we welcome any ideas or video courses or presentations from individual members, universities or companies. We believe that this program can also serve companies a mean to present their capabilities and advantages to a broad range of new professionals. The SPWLA membership is flourishing in Austin, namely in The University of Texas at Austin, due our commitment and the unique competitiveness of this university due to activities by the Formation Evaluation group. Please check for new features in near future and spread our good-will on education and leave comment as necessary. We appreciate your time and reflections.

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